60-Day Blueprint to a 6-Figure Trading Account at QC Academy


99.9% Of Traders

Are Set Up For Failure 


They Try To Make Unrealistic Returns (1,000x)


They Over-Risk And Over-Leverage Constantly 


They Become Exit Liquidity For Institutional  Traders

Statistically, Their Chance Of Success Is Smaller Than Winning The Lottery...

You CAN Make Profits Consistently And Predictably, Without Any Exaggerated Risk

Members in QC have done this for a long time...


You Need To Change The Way You Think.

The Market Is FAIR.


You Need To Expose Risk


In Return You Have A Chance Of Profits


You Can Take Out A Fraction Of Risk

Simple! Unless...

You’re trying to trick the market by trying to get out thousands of multiples of what you risk, and it punishes you.

Over & Over Again...

Instead of focusing on maximizing your profit (why you lose),

Focus On Building The Skill Of Consistency. 

Once you mastered it, money will flow to you, and you only need to make a small percentage of your account size. Consistently. Predictably.

How To Become Consistent?

QC Academy Curriculum:

Over the course of 60 days, you will :

  • Take a Personality Test to find you Preferred Trading Style
  • Get an Introduction to Trading Tools / Trading Analysis
  • Learn the Core Market Fundamentals (How the market really works)
  • Strategy Development (Build your own strategy or take one of ours + Backtest and optimize)
  • Practice Risk Management (How to limit your risk while keeping an unlimited upside)
  • Trade Management (Learn to make the right decision when planning out the trade & while in the trade)
  • Emotional Management (Practice methods and techniques to reduce and eliminate emotions from trading)
  • Automation / Software Management (Use Our Automation and Software to improve your trading performance)
  • First Challenge ($10,000) - Live Trading (Take what you learn and apply it in the live market with a Pro Trader to help guide you)
  • Second Challenge ($100,000) - Moment of truth. After passing this challenge you will have completed the curriculum, and as a graduate, you will be placed in the QC Academy group on Discord. As a member of this Elite group, you will be able to do monthly challenges and continuously work on your consistency with other community members.

0 To 6 Figures In 2 Steps:

Step 01

Build Up 3 Pillars:




Risk Management


Emotional Management

We will teach you the core techniques, strategies, and methods to be fully confident in all 3 pillars.

Information that has helped hundreds of people become consistent.

Step 02

Once You Have Learned Consistency,

We Will Fund You.

With $10,000 In The First Challenge, And With $100,000 In The Second Challenge. (Challenges Are Free)

When Funded, You Can Focus On Consistent Results, With The Skills You Just Learned...

...Instead Of Trying To 1000x Your Account And Failing Over & Over...

...Like 99.99% Of Retail Traders.

One More Thing...

Get Full Access To Our Software, Strategies, Indicators & Signals

That We Use To Trade Ourselves...

For Many Results Like These:

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