Brief info

– Emphasizes stability and strength
– Resilient against market downturns
– Long-term vision for trades
– Consistent trading approach
– Focus on steady growth and reduced risk
– Compound gains over time

This strategy aims to focus on breakouts on the daily timeframe and holds positions for about a one-week duration. This method provides a stable, well-balanced approach that yields consistent returns while minimizing drawdowns, making it particularly suitable for long-term investors. By concentrating on daily breakouts and implementing a fixed exit strategy, this system compounds gains effectively over time without being susceptible to major declines. This reliable and straightforward technique is an excellent option for investors seeking steady portfolio growth with reduced risk exposure.

Stability and Strength: The bison, often referred to as buffalo in North America, is known for its sheer size, stability, and strength. Similarly, this strategy provides a stable and well-balanced approach, yielding consistent returns.

Resilient to Challenges: Despite facing threats and challenges, bison have shown resilience and have made a comeback in many areas. This mirrors the strategy’s resilience to minimize drawdowns and not be susceptible to major declines.

Long-Term Vision: Bison typically migrate and move with a long-term vision for food and survival, staying committed to their paths. This reflects the strategy’s focus on daily breakouts with a one-week holding period, suitable for long-term investors.

Consistency: The movements and behaviors of bison are consistent and predictable, which aligns with the strategy’s reliable and straightforward approach.

Safety in Numbers: Bison often move in herds, providing safety and reducing individual risk. Similarly, this strategy seeks steady portfolio growth with reduced risk exposure.

Growth Over Time: Bison herds have grown steadily over time, especially with conservation efforts. This mirrors the strategy’s ability to compound gains effectively over time.


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