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– Steadfast and Stable
– Long Memory
– Size and Power
– Longevity
– Protective Nature
– Wisdom

This trading strategy is based on identifying macro trends in the market and entering a trade when a local maximum or minimum is reached. The strategy aims to capture profits from market movements by identifying long-term trends and making trades when a significant price level is reached. The strategy uses various technical indicators to identify the underlying trend, including moving averages. When the price reaches a local maximum or minimum, the strategy will generate a signal to enter a trade in the direction of the trend.

Steadfast and Stable: Elephants are known for their steady and stable nature, symbolizing strength and endurance. This aligns with the strategy’s emphasis on identifying long-term macro trends in the market.

Long Memory: Elephants have a reputation for their incredible memory. Similarly, this trading strategy relies heavily on historical data to identify underlying trends, much like an elephant remembers pathways and locations from years ago.

Size and Power: The elephant’s sheer size and power allow it to navigate the terrain with an authoritative presence, making its mark wherever it goes. This mirrors the strategy’s impressive performance metrics, including its high win rate and substantial annualized return.

Longevity: Elephants have a long lifespan, which can be likened to the strategy’s focus on medium-term trades and its ability to persistently generate profits over an extended period since 07.2020.

Protective Nature: Elephants are known to be protective, especially of their young. In trading terms, this resonates with the strategy’s risk management approach, ensuring that significant downturns (like a maximum drawdown of -55.69%) are managed and contained.

Wisdom: In many cultures, elephants are symbols of wisdom and knowledge. The strategy’s use of various technical indicators to make informed trading decisions echoes this sentiment of making wise and informed choices.


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