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Strategy Dashboard to Telegram Signals (Add-On) 📊

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The “Dashboard Telegram Signals” add-on from Quantum Code is designed for traders who want to stay a step ahead in the fast-paced world of trading. For an additional $50 per month, members can receive real-time trading signals directly through Telegram, ensuring they never miss a critical market movement.

Key Benefits of Dashboard Telegram Signals:

  • Instant Signal Notifications:
    • Get timely trading signals sent directly to your Telegram.
    • Stay informed of market opportunities as they arise, with real-time alerts.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Trading Routine:
    • Easily integrate these signals into your existing trading strategies.
    • Use Telegram’s convenient platform to access your trading insights on the go.
  • Curated by Trading Experts:
    • Each signal is carefully curated by Quantum Code’s team of trading experts.
    • Benefit from our deep market analysis and strategic insights.

Perfect for Active Traders:

  • Stay Connected to the Market:
    • Ideal for traders who value staying connected to the market throughout the day.
    • Leverage these alerts to make timely and informed trading decisions.
  • Enhanced Trading Strategy:
    • Use the signals to supplement your trading strategy, adding an extra layer of market insight.
    • Gain an edge by incorporating expert analysis into your trading decisions.


Quantum Code’s “Dashboard Telegram Signals” add-on is a valuable tool for any trader looking to enhance their market awareness and responsiveness. By adding this feature to your membership, you gain access to expert-level market insights in a format that’s convenient and accessible, keeping you well-informed and ready to act on market changes.


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