QuantumCode’s “Octo Role” Membership is tailored for traders who require a deeper, more granular view of the market. With access to our exclusive, pre-processed market data, members can transcend the limitations of standard trading view data, especially in live candle analysis.

Key Features of Octo Role Membership:

  • Enhanced Market Data Access:
    • Delve into comprehensive, pre-processed market data that offers more detail and insight than conventional sources.
    • Experience a new depth of market understanding with enhanced data delivery, fine-tuned for serious traders.
  • Superior Data Granularity:
    • Gain an edge with data that provides a more granular view of market movements, especially in live candle scenarios.
    • Make informed decisions based on high-quality, detailed market information not available in standard trading platforms.
  • Real-Time Data Processing:
    • Access real-time, processed data that keeps you a step ahead in fast-moving markets.
    • Utilize this data to identify and capitalize on market trends as they happen.

Ideal for Data-Driven Traders:

  • Informed Trading Decisions:
    • Equip yourself with a level of market insight that enables more informed, strategic trading decisions.
    • Leverage this enhanced data to refine your trading strategies and improve decision-making accuracy.
  • Continuous Data Updates:
    • Benefit from continuously updated data, ensuring you have the most current and relevant market information.
    • Stay ahead of the curve with consistent, high-quality data feeds.


The “Octo Role” Membership is an essential tool for traders who base their decisions on deep, detailed market analysis. This membership provides a unique opportunity to access a level of data sophistication that can significantly enhance your trading effectiveness.


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