Private Hedge Fund System – SeaDragon™

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Basically your own hedge-fund 🤷‍♂️

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The SeaDragon Membership at QC is our latest innovation, offering an automated trading tool for our signals. This tool embodies the culmination of our trading expertise, allowing retail traders to harness the same level of precision and strategy used by the world’s leading hedge funds.

Unrivaled Trading Signals

The SeaDragon Membership, presented by QuantumCode, signifies a paradigm shift in automated trading technologies. This membership is not just access to a platform but an integration into a sophisticated ecosystem engineered for the optimization of automated trading strategies through the application of advanced QuantumCode algorithms. Designed with precision and efficiency at its core, the Sea Dragon Role Membership facilitates a seamless, automated trading environment, leveraging the latest in trading technology innovation.

Key Features and Technical Overview:

QuantumCode Algorithms: At the foundation of the SeaDragon Membership are the QuantumCode Algorithms. These algorithms are the result of exhaustive research and development, designed to analyze market patterns and execute trades with high accuracy.

Automated Trading System: The system is fully automated, designed to operate independently by executing your trading strategies 24/7. Automation extends beyond simple trade execution to include dynamic risk management and strategy adjustments based on real-time market data.

Integration and Compatibility: The SeaDragon Membership offers flexible integration options, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of digital trading platforms and exchanges. This includes seamless connectivity with services like for comprehensive trade management and order execution or the option to integrate with to use the SeaDragon on Metatrader 4/5.

Digital Solutions and Tools: Members gain access to a suite of digital products and tech solutions that support a wide spectrum of trading activities. From signal generation to execution, every aspect of trading is enhanced through technology designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Community and Support: The membership also includes access to a community of traders and direct support from the QuantumCode team. This ensures that members not only have the tools but also the knowledge and support network to maximize their trading strategies.

Control: The membership includes access to an automated hedge fund trading system with autonomous control features, allowing for a hands-off approach to trading while maintaining full oversight of trading activities.


The SeaDragon Membership is tailored for traders who seek a deeper, more technical engagement with automated trading technologies. It offers a blend of advanced algorithms, digital tools, and a supportive community, all designed to enhance trading efficiency and effectiveness. This membership is an investment in a trading future that embraces the full potential of automation and technological advancement in the financial markets.


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