Terms of Service Agreement for QuantumCode Trading:

  1. Introduction:
    • QuantumCode Trading is a trading platform and service operated by QuantumCode LLC.
    • This website is available solely to Users who are verified to be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Binding Agreement:
    • This Agreement is a legally binding contract between QuantumCode LLC and you, the User of QuantumCode Trading.
    • The Agreement is comprised of: (i) these Terms of Service for all Users, (ii) Acceptable Use, (iii) Privacy Policy, and (iv) Complaints Policy.
    • By registering on QuantumCode Trading, you agree to the Terms and accept this Agreement.
  3. Definitions:
    • “Trade” refers to the action taken by a User on the QuantumCode Trading platform to buy or sell assets.
    • “Trader” means a User who engages in trades on QuantumCode Trading.
    • “Content” refers to any material uploaded to QuantumCode Trading by any User.
    • “Account Balance” denotes the funds available in a User’s QuantumCode Trading account.
    • “Website” refers to the platform at quantumcode.group or acces.quantumcode.group.
    • “User” is any user of QuantumCode Trading. References herein as “you” or “your”.
  4. Eligibility:
    • By using QuantumCode Trading, you assert that you are legally eligible to enter into a binding contract with QuantumCode LLC.
  5. Communications from QuantumCode LLC:
    • By using the Website, you consent to electronic communications from QuantumCode LLC. You agree that all electronic communications satisfy legal written communication requirements.
  6. Modifications to the Terms:
    • QuantumCode LLC may change these Terms at its discretion. By continuing to use the Website post-changes, you agree to the updated Terms.
    • In specific situations like legal or security threats, changes may be made without prior notice.
  7. QuantumCode LLC Rights:
    • QuantumCode LLC can modify or terminate QuantumCode Trading without notice.
    • QuantumCode LLC may monitor your use for compliance with these Terms.
    • QuantumCode LLC may cooperate with legal authorities in any investigations.
  8. Account Registration:
    • You affirm that all information provided during account registration is accurate. Misrepresentation may result in termination of your account.
    • Upon registration you agree not to disclose information that could be harmful to QuantumCode LLC.
    • Software licenses are only ment for the specific owners and is not transferable to others or shareable.
  9. Trade Responsibilities:
    • QuantumCode LLC is not responsible for any loss resulting from trades. Users trade at their own risk.
  10. Suspension:
  • QuantumCode LLC has the right to suspend User accounts if there’s a breach of the Terms or any suspicious activity.
  • During suspension, funds may be withheld until the issue is resolved.
  1. User Content:
  • Content uploaded by Users does not reflect the views of QuantumCode LLC.
  • QuantumCode LLC has the right to remove any Content violating these Terms or laws.
  1. Dispute Resolution:
  • Any dispute will be handled as outlined in the Complaints Policy.
  1. Contact: